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Our Background
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Our background, mission and customer comments.

Our History - We at Express Engineering Services have been involved in it all. From hand taping on Mylar to pencil drawn layouts and digitizing. From maze autorouters to rip-up and retry autorouters.

Since our founding CAD service bureau, Design Express Inc., began in 1983 we have been offering state of the art printed circuit board design.

In 1989 Express Engineering Services was formed and we have continued to provide the electronics industry with the latest technology and innovation the industry has to offer.

Our Mission - All businesses must be mindful of their expenses in order to remain competitive. Our clients expect a good value for their dollar while requiring state of the art services and a rapid delivery to support their ever increasing time to market pressures.

Express Engineering Services consistantly delivers on time and most often ahead of schedule. We maintain state of the art equipment which doesn't break our budgets. The savings are reflected in our client's pocket book.


"What do you mean it's done already." -Ray Gonzales
"Beautiful, simply beautiful. Ahg, what a relief." -Richard Woodward

"We can't compete with pricing in your area." -Anonomous Competitor

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